Tuesday, May 18

Borley Rectory

I'm back from my little vacation, and here's a few creepy pics of Borley Rectory, one of the most haunted places in England.
A picture from Life magazine of Borley Rectory

An image captured by a workman of a mysterious brick floating in the air.

The ghostly monk of Borley Rectory.

When writing was discovered on the walls of the Rectory, a researcher started to write replies asking for more information, and more strange scribbles and writings appeared.

What do you think? Leave a comment about what you've heard of Borley Rectory, and whether you believe the stories are true.

Tuesday, May 11

A Short Break

Hey everyone, I've been on a short vacation, but I'll be back posting in a couple days. Stick around!

Monday, May 3

More Creepypasta

Here's some more creepypasta!

"When you are admitted to a hospital, they place on your wrist a white wristband with your name on it. But there are other different colored wristbands which symbolize other things. The red wristbands are placed on dead people.

There was one surgeon who worked on night shift in a school hospital. He had just finished an operation and was on his way down to the basement. He entered the elevator and there was just one other person there. He casually chatted with the woman while the elevator descended. When the elevator door opened, another woman was about to enter when the doctor slammed the close button and punched the button to the highest floor. Surprised, the woman reprimanded the doctor for being rude and asked why he did not let the other woman in.

The doctor said, 'That was the woman I just operated on. She died while I was doing the operation. Didn’t you see the red wristband she was wearing'

The woman smiled, raised her arm, and said, 'When's meal time? I'm really hungry.'"

 "During a wedding reception of a young couple the guests decided on a drunken game of hide and seek. It was decided that the groom was “it” and he eventually found everyone but his new bride. Eventually the man became furious and decided it wasn’t funny anymore and left her there. As weeks went by he accepted that she’d had second thoughts and went on with her life so he did the same.

A few years later a cleaning lady dusted off an old trunk in the attic of the building where the reception had taken place, out of curiosity she opened it. Inside the trunk was the rotted body of the missing bride who’d apparently became locked in the trunk she’d hid in. Whether she’d suffocated or starved was unknown, but her face was frozen in a scream and there were huge scratches in the inside of the trunk where she had tried to get back to the man she loved."

"In Berlin, after World War II, money was short, supplies were tight, and it seemed like everyone was hungry. At that time, people were telling the tale of a young woman who saw a blind man picking his way through a crowd. The two started to talk. The man asked her for a favor: could she deliver the letter to the address on the envelope? Well, it was on her way home, so she agreed.

She started out to deliver the message, when she turned around to see if there was anything else the blind man needed. But she spotted him hurrying through the crowd without his smoked glasses or white cane. She was, naturally, suspicious, so she went to the police.

When the police paid a visit to the address on the envelope, they made a gruesome discovery, three butchers had been harvesting human flesh and selling it to the starving people.

And what was in the envelope the man gave to the woman? A note, saying simply 'This is the last one I am sending you today.'"

Saturday, May 1

Creepy Asylums

Here are some pictures of creepy, perhaps haunted, old asylums.

A collapsed floor in an old asylum (found at: Sea of Storms).

The inside of a haunted asylum (from L.I.P.I.)

 Inside Fairfield State Hospital.

Waverly Hills, one of the most haunted places in America.