Thursday, April 29


One of the weirder stories I know of is the story of the murders of Butch DeFeo in Amityville, NY where he gunned down his entire family as they slept. It's unknown how all of them could have been shot without any of them being awakened by the gunfire, as the rifle used was not equipped with a silencer. Nor did the neighbors hear anything. Paranormal interference? Anyway, here are some pics, click for full size.

The name of the house where the murders took place was "High Hopes."

One of the bodies being removed from the house by authorities.

The DeFeo children. Ronald "Butch" DeFeo, Jr. is on the bottom right.

The killer Ronald "Butch" DeFeo, Jr. in handcuffs.

And here's something even stranger: a picture taken in the house some time after the murders, when there were no children there.
The eyes are what get me.


  1. If you look up at the family, and look at the child in the orange, then go down to the photo that was taken after the murders and that child appears in it....look at the resemblance...

  2. I think the ghost looks like the little kid on the left in the picture of the family . If you look, they have the same shirt on.