Wednesday, May 30

More Classic Ghost Images

Here are some more classic ghost images you've probably seen around the web or in books:

This photo was taken in the late 40s in Australia. A woman only known as Mrs. Andrews visited her daughter's grave and took this photo. When it was developed, the clear image of a ghostly infant was visible. What is especially odd is that Mrs. Andrews's daughter died at 17. A researcher visited the site later and found the graves of two infant girls nearby, and assumed the ghostly child must be one of them.

This photo was taken at the Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana, and shows what many believe to be the ghost of a former slave known as "Chloe." Read her story here.

Newby Church in North Yorkshire, England has no known history of hauntings, besides this photo taken in 1963 by Reverend Lord. Skeptics say it's a fake, just a double exposure, but photo experts who've examined it say that's not the case. It remains a mystery who this apparition might be.

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