Friday, June 1

More Amityville

I found some crime scene photos of the Amityville muders perpetrated by Butch DeFeo. None of them are particularly graphic, but viewer discretion is advised. Click to enlarge.

The bodies of the DeFeo parents, Ronald DeFeo Sr., and Louise DeFeo.

The body of Allison DeFeo.

The body of Dawn DeFeo.

The body of John DeFeo.

The body of Marc DeFeo.

I feel a real sense of tragedy when I see these pictures. It's hard to believe that someone could kill their entire family in cold blood. What could possibly drive someone to that? The only thing I can believe is insanity.

I still wonder about a few facts of this case. How did none of the family awaken to the gunshots? the DeFeo home wasn't very large, and the bedrooms were right next to each other. Is it possible they were drugged beforehand? I'll do more research and find the explanation the investigators came to, if they even have an explanation.


  1. I also believe drugs may have been used,why not found in autopsy?,also believe bodies were moved on stomach position,did cops botch this up? Seems unlikely,and how nobody heard shots in neighborhood?and the fact that the lutzes moved before single payment leads me to believe some media got to them with an offer...
    Forgot the source..but remember that under the influence of alcohol in an interview,the husband admits allowing ADDITIONAL DETAILS that were fabricated.