Friday, February 11

More Borley Rectory

Always an interesting topic, I've found more creepy photographs of Borley Rectory. Some of them can be enlarged.

Borley Rectory in 1892

The Rectory in ruins.

A view of the chapel in the Rectory.

The Bedroom known as the "Blue Room."

An overgrown summer house on the grounds, pretty creepy looking.

Images found on the website of The Foxearth and District Local Historical Society.


  1. Reminds me of this old website i used to frequent called portals to hell or something. Creepy.

  2. Id hate to get stuck there at night

  3. Your whole blog scares the shit out of me. Good thing i love that shit! Following!

  4. creepy enough. following and supporting

  5. Soooo eerie. This conjures up memories of when I was younger and watched Rose Red. Horrible movie, but it scared me shitless.